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Spot Light Fixtures Manufacturers With aims to provide direc

dodano: 17 sierpnia, 09:28 przez ledlights

  Spot Light Fixtures Manufacturers With aims to provide direct, diffused and reflective lights, Mr. Achille Castiglioni, one of the founders of Flos, has designed the Flos Frisbi. It was introduced to public in 1978 with suspension cable. Originally designed as consumer suspension light, Flos Frisbi has rather architectural structure from which artistic light emits.


  Flos Frisbi is made from Opaline PMMA which is better known as Opaline Polymethaylmetharylate. The Opaline PMMA is injection molded diffuser plate suspended by three fine steel cables. It also has a reflector placed inside which is made from nickel plated polished and zapon varnished stamp steel metal with gloss white reflector paint. The Flos Frisbi then received injection molded ABS with black paint on it that works as the rose and fitting for the device.

  The specialty about Flos Frisbi is in its use of architectural structure that emit light which is very artistic in nature. In fact, it is the same which can be denoted as the characteristics of Achille Castiglioni. The suspension cable based ceiling pendant lighting device, Flos Frisbi, has a size of 10 centimeters of fittings, 60 centimeters of reflector radius and 73 centimeters of height.

  Convenience of use:

  The Fisbi is easy to relocate or carry. The best use is defined at a distance of 30 centimeters minimum. Like any other Flos brand products, Frisbi is no exception to be the perfect blend of innovative creativity with artistic flair then mixes with technological integration and superior quality of materials.

  With the invention and introduction of Frisbi, Flos has touched another milestone in bringing their product that is the living light for life. Connecting emotions with man and his work, is the ultimate challenge for Flos which they achieved with Frisbi. The next button in this popup menu next to Filter by Whole scene is Filter by Mesh which allows you to single out the surface that will catch the light to cast shadows and application of a different material from the rest of the object. Filter by material give you more access to material/materials applied currently too your 3d object. Go ahead and give it a try. Attributes here available like Gloss, Environment, Shine etc help you make t he 3d object more realistic.

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