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Extending the space of your home

dodano: 6 lipca, 04:50 przez ledlights

home decorate spot lights Extending the space of your home with a unique garden studio from Ecospace Studios is a fantastic way to create a new harmonic living space for you and your family. With its natural premium birchwood interiors, the furnishing of your garden studio couldn't be simpler. Here are a few tips on furnishing your garden building:Furniture - Ecospace can design and produce integral birch wood furniture to blend in with interior of the studio including work stations, storage systems and kitchens. With the neutral setting of your garden studio, any furniture slots effortlessly into place.

Whether you choose to opt for the modern, sleek look or decorate your furniture with elegant throws and cushions, the look you wish to create can be done with ease. Having wooden based furniture allows you to draw on the natural wooden theme of the garden studio whilst also enabling you to create your own chic design and colour scheme with your additions, e.g. cushions and throws.Lights - due to the natural nature of a garden studio, it will be flooded with natural light from day to day.

However, at nighttime, you will no doubt want this natural feeling to continue. Large, modern lights can create a harsh light, which is why the use of spotlights creates a natural, well-lit alternative to your garden studio. Used alongside soft, low-level light such as table lamps, candles, lanterns and other forms of traditional lighting, your garden studio will be a warm, naturally lit space.

Rugs - Ecospace Studios use state of the art rubber flooring for their garden studios, meaning your floor is designed to stand the test of time, but also enables you to get the most out of your environmentally friendly under floor heating. However, if you choose a neutral styled floor you may wish to add a splash of colour to it with the use of a rug. Again, this will create a warming feeling for your garden studio, whilst also adding to your overall colour scheme.Due to the nature of garden studios, the space is ultimately yours and specific to your taste, allowing you to add as much or as little furnishings as you want.

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